What Are Backlinks and How Do They Affect SEO?

May 24, 2023 | SEO

Backlinks found on a website are meant to take users to other websites. These links are also called external or inbound links. Most SEO services recommend adding backlinks to a website to make it rank higher on search results. Scroll through this article to understand how backlinking is linked to SEO.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Google finds external links as an indication of a website’s popularity. The search engine views backlinks as one of the pivotal elements for ranking content. But you must focus on adding authoritative links to your website.

You might add dozens of spammy, low-quality links to your website. But they won’t be as impactful as adding a few external links from websites with high domain authority.

Google Finds Pages Via Backlinks

Every SEO agency recommends adding backlinks because it helps Google to find your page easily. While following a backlink to a new page, Google crawls the page to look for all the rings on it. That’s why the internal linking strategy is extremely beneficial for websites.

Internal linking involves adding the links of your own pages to different websites. It will ensure that Google can discover the different pages of your website while following a backlink on your site.

Get Referral Traffic

When other websites add your page as backlinks, it contributes to referral traffic to your website. It means that internet users discover you without searching your website on Google. Any SEO agency will tell you referral traffic can increase brand recognition and improve your website authority.

Ending Note

Backlinking is an essential strategy to improve your search engine rankings. But you should always speak to SEO experts to ensure that you are adding backlinks from authoritative sources. So choose Digital Traffik Agency for the best backlinking and SEO services.